Our Main goal

Indoor Skatepark

A little about us, we are a group of local skaters and business owners that have launched 'The Dry Skate Project' as a Community Interest Company, with the aim to provide an indoor competition standard skatepark, in the new city of Colchester. 

We believe that enabling skaters and all the wheeled sports to have access to an indoor facility all year round, will help to galvanise extreme sports in our area, and help make them viable sporting options (as apposed to a summer hobbies) where participants can practice and develop their skills to a high standard.

Further to the physical health benefits, mental health is something very important to us, one of our main aims is to provide a safe inclusive space where people can escape their reality and can chat to staff who have had the relevant mental health and safeguarding training.

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The coaching calendar has been busy with 50+ free events booked events booked in!

We'll announce more events with free coaching as they get booked in on our instagram - @thedryskateproject

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Made by skaters for skaters.

All the profits we make will go back into the skate community, and help us deliver free coaching and events.

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