October 2023

Mercury Theater

Skating in the centre of town outside Mercury Theater, Jumbo and The Knife Angles was pretty epic and thought-provoking.

We had free skate sessions for kids for two days of the half term holidays.

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September/October/November 2023

Charter Hall

Our regular weekly dry skate spot. Now on it's second term. We've taught the same children week on week and seen them progress and learn tricks.

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Old Heath Recreation Ground

The Church Family Fun Day at Old Heath Recreation Ground sure was fun!

A sunny day where 33 kids came and enjoyed free skate sessions and we gave out lots of prizes and stickers.

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13 days of skate, 157 participants, held at Firstsite - a spot that was designed for skating and we hope it'll be a skate spot once again.

We had rain, shine and lots of happy faces. Thank you Firstsite for having us all Summer!

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August 2023

Speedwell Recreation Ground

A rainy day but that didn't put us off! The people who braved the weather had free skate lessons and won lots of prizes.

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JULY 2023

Skate Jam

What a day!
We started off with one hours free coaching where we had 3-13 year old new and returning skaters having fun on Colchester Skatepark.
Then we had comps and give aways for all abilities and ages before the rain took over.

Massive thanks to all our sponsors and coaches for making the day what it was. The rain stopping the day early has just made the need for an indoor skate park more apparent!

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JULY 2023

St James' C of E Primary School

Our last pilot sessions was held at St James' C of E Primary tuned out to be our busiest coaching event yet with 49 participants receiving free coaching!

The sun was shining and we coached first timers through to confident skaters on our mobile skate par.

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JULY 2023

Leisure World Colchester

We were part of the Festival of Fun in Charter Hall, Leisure World where we had hours of skating in the dry on what turned out to be a rainy day. From start to finish we were fully booked with over 40 kids receiving free coaching - was an amazing day for all!

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MAY - JUNE 2023

Unity Primary Academy

We've ran 3 free pilot sessions at Unity Primary Academy in Greenstead. Each event had 30+ participants receiving coaching from our Skateboard GB trained coaches.

We saw children as young as 3 years old go from first timers to confident skaters using the small ramps in 30 minute sessions.

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